WellGo offers corporate health management service

WellGo’s wellbeing management

What WellGo aims to achieve
in the age of 100 years of life

Our Purpose of Existence

At the age of 100 years of life, we will change our customers’ think about assets. “It will change the way you live. We will build a social infrastructure where each customer can live a healthy life without worrying about tangible and intangible assets.

  • tangible assetsMeasurable monetary value
  • Intangible assetsUnmeasurable monetary value

Wellbeing management in WellGo

We see customers, business partners, employees, society/community, future generations,
and shareholders as our stakeholders, aiming to realize wellbeing to harmonize with them.

WellGo’s value for 6 stakeholders
to realize wellbeing

Health management

Left:Takuya Kusumoto, Representative Director and Co-Founder
Right:Daisuke Harada, Representative Director and Co-Founder

Declaration of health management

WellGo believes that the vitality and physical mental health of every employee is crucial to grow your company and contribute to society. Believing “in the era of 101-year lifespan, we fully support to hold new asset of health promotion”, we will support your promotion of health management. We also actively support the health promotion of our own employees to contribute to the spread of social health management.